Welcome to the new Fire Hose!


We’re live, baby! Welcome to the new Fire Hose home page, home of everything Fire Hose related. We’ll be blogging on a regular basis, and discussing many different topics including:

  • Thoughts on new (and sometimes old) video games, especially ones that are innovative and try to shake things up
  • Our opinion on games related research, developments, technology, and news, with a special focus on the independent and experiment scenes
  • Progress and news about our games and projects
  • Whatever the hell else we feel like talking about

So be sure to check back on a regular basis, or hit up our RSS feed on the left. Comments, feedback, and marriage proposals are also welcomed here – just click to add your $0.02 for the rest of the world to see.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who helped get us to where we are and make this site possible. Hit the jump for the full list.

Thanks to:

Our fantastic team: Sharat, Ethan, Jason, and Eric.

Our amazing advisors: Vicky, Ravi, Henry, and Jason.

The many MIT groups that gave us the support we needed: Philip Tan and the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT game lab, Eric Klopfer and the Education Arcade, and Lou Goldish and the Venture Mentoring Service.

And finally to Mike Rapa for an awesome logo, Johnny Won for the great website, and Tony Scelfo for the help hosting.