AudiOdyssey in the New York Times


Yeah Baby! AudiOdyssey hit the New York Times last week, making it to the big, fat Sunday edition. There was a section on 23 student innovators, and they felt a Wii Remote video game that is accessible to the blind is worth a shout. Apparently the article gained enough attention to even get a Kotaku hit. Pretty cool!

My first reaction was to suspect that they ran out of innovators around the 20 mark, but 23 is such a weird number that maybe that’s not the case? Or maybe the editors just like prime numbers and didn’t want to go all the way to 29? Who knows. What is nice is that the gaming accessibility movement gets more visibility, as it is a super important effort that not enough people know about. Want to learn more? Check out the IGDA accessbility SIG’s wiki, it’s full of great info and links to other smart people doing accessible gaming research.

Hit the jump for thoughts on the article.

Abby Ellin (the author) did a great job of highlighting the goal of the game and what we were trying to accomplish. I love her description of the game too, and I hope a lot of people went and downloaded the game after reading. My only real complaint is that I wish there was a mention about team reverb, the amazingly talented group of students who made the game with me: Dominic Chai, Bruce Chia, Paviter Singh, Mark Sullivan, Edwin Toh, Jim Wilberger, Yeo Jingying, and Prof. Lonce Wyse.

I also thought the line at the end about getting an A was a bit goofy, but oh well. Abby, thanks for the terrific write up!