What We’re Playing: Eversion


Got a free half hour, and looking to lose some of your sanity? Check out Eversion, a new game by Tows Guilherme. While the game at first glance appears to be boring and derivative, after a few levels you’ll get to notice that there is something… different. I strongly recommend playing in the dark by yourself for maximum effect. A quick rewiew (with some well marked spoilers) awaits you if you follow this shiny link

This game is great! The title has many shortcomings, including confusing controls, difficulty discovering “eversion” spots, a complete lack of directions, and it frequently requires pixel-perfect jumping that can leave even experienced players infuriated. Despite this the game has some great level design, manages to keep things fresh throughout, and does a fantastic job of setting a mood and aesthetic. Stick with it and you’ll see what I mean.

Stuck? Confused? Not seeing why the game is so great? Here are some hints:

  • Look for “eversion spots”. You’ll notice them when things get a bit discolored.
  • I recommend collecting all the gems, even if you normally aren’t OCD.
  • There are two endings to the game.

Having trouble finding the second ending? Try starting the last level again with all the gems.

Thanks to Trey for pointing this game out.


  1. Eitan do you think that game has positive social impact

    I don’t think so Eitan

    • No, I don’t really think it has any sort of positive angle either. I wrote about Eversion because I think it has interesting game play mechanics, and tells a good story. I like writing about random games that are innovative.

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