Fire Hose is going to GDC 2009

It's unfortunate that my talk is on Monday, as the next four days of the conference will be a let down after the early peak.

That’s right! The whole Fire Hose crew is going to San Francisco for the last week of March to check out the annual Game Developer’s Conference. GDC is an insane free for all where a couple ten thousand game developers convene for a week to network and discuss how awesome/shitty the past year was. We’ll be going and blogging about what happens, who we meet, and what neat lectures we see. It should be really fun!

I’m also going to be giving a talk on AudiOdyssey and Video Game Accessibility on Monday, and it should be really cool! If you are going to be at the conference I’d love it if you can come and check it out, it’ll be very sad if I end up speaking to a room full of crickets. You can read a full synopsis of the lecture by clicking on this pretty button.

Here’s the description from the conference website:

Not all serious games need to be those with visually exciting graphics or even graphics at all. AudiOdyssey is a game that provides the serious games community with an interesting twist – developing a game that can be used to engage visually impaired gamers and gamers together in the same shared experience. The story of AudiOdyssey is itself a journey not only into game design for the visually impaired but overall issues with how to create games with easy UIs and engaging experiences. During this talk Eitan Glinert who built AudiOdyssey while at MIT will present the story of AudiOdyssey while also covering further issues in usability that are useful not only for improving access for people with disabilities but all levels of people learning, training and doing more with videogames. Together this talk provides some critical highlights of issues that are of paramount importance to games that don’t get to be selective about their audiences and gives insight into a game that moved beyond presenting just a graphical experience.