Flower out on PSN

Since Flower is the second game after Flow the standard snarky comment is thatgamecompany's next game will be Flowest. Personally I'm hoping they decide to release Flower ER instead. Take care of sick flowers!

Yesterday Flower came out on PSN, the second title by thatgamecompany. The game looks absolutely beautiful, featuring some of the most stunning graphics I’ve ever seen with its fantastic grass/environment engine. In the game you control the wind and try to pick up flower petals in the breeze, and the experience is centered around relaxation and exploration more than fighting bad guys or beating levels. A highly innovative offering, I strongly recommend checking it out if you have a PS3, as does everyone else.

The game is especially interesting because it comes from a super talented team coming out of USC’s game pipe lab EA Game Innovation Lab. It’s something of a spiritual sequel to Cloud, a project that Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago (among others) worked on while pursing their masters. Congrats on the amazing title guys!


  1. Were they from Gamepipe? I thought they were from the EA Game Innovation Lab (i.e. USC Cinematic Arts, not USC Engineering)

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