What We’re Playing: The Legend of Princess

Link in his 16 bit glory. Also, pink hair.

This game has been getting a lot of press recently, and deservedly so. Remember Zelda 2, that weird side scrolling sequel for Zelda on the original NES? Well enter The Legend of Princess, the awesome what-if Super Nintendo follow up that never was, made by talented young developer Joakim Sandberg. It does a superb job of showing what Zelda could be like as a more modern side scroller, with Link running, jumping, hookshoting, and throwing chickens around a dungeon while trying to save a princess trapped in a crystal. The game has numerous references to the other Zelda games, like Link’s spin charge and dash, and those goddamn annoying bombchus.

The game is short, and is really one one level (the dirt temple) of what could be a much more encompassing and complete Zelda game. How awesome would it be if Nintendo would contact him about making a version of this for WiiWare? Too bad it will never happen, as Nintendo is super protective of its IP. Anyway, we should enjoy what we’ve got, it’s a great ride. Go download it here. See if you can beat my record of 1512 rupees!