GDC Slides Available

T-Rex is shocked to see Geordi LaForge! Also: They are both wondering why they were included in my talk. Curious? Grab the slides and see for yourself!

Yesterday I gave my talk to the GDC 2009 Serious Games crowd, and it went pretty well! I covered why we made AudiOdyssey and what we learned in the process, and then doled out some extra large scoops of take home tips for developers in the crowd. It seemed to go over pretty well, I only saw a few audience members fall asleep and I got some great feedback afterwards.

I’ve gotten a bunch of requests for my slides from the talk, so go ahead and grab ’em!

Eitan’s GDC 2009 Talk on AudiOdyssey, Usability, and Accessibility

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  1. Yeah, playing lots of Mega Man!

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