Powering Up: Boston cares about Game Developers (Really!)


Boston cares about us! Really! Or so my good buddy Tom Menino would have us believe. It seems that he’s done a bit of an about face on his prior stance towards our local games industry, probably when he realized that we provide a ton of high tech jobs in the area and not all of our titles are murder simulators. The local government has unveiled Powering Up, a portal for developers in the greater Boston area. I don’t know exactly where this will lead, but I’m happy to see that the people in charge recognize the business video games bring to Boston.

I’m also hoping that Jason Schupbach had something to do with this. Jason is our local government cheerleader, and has been busting his ass trying to win us the support that we need. Perhaps he was successful? Who knows.

Menino, now that we’re good friends and all how about giving us that 15% tax credit that you give the film industry. What do you say?