Bit.Trip Beat: Pong meets Rock Band

I have such an urge to get high, turn off the volume, and try synching up this game with Dark Side of the Moon. I feel that way about most media though.

Ralph Baer, one of the most awesome people in the world, made pong on the Brown Box almost 40 years ago. The killer game on it? Pong. Since it’s release many have wondered “How could I make Pong more awesome?” Turns out that setting the game to chiptunes music seems to do a damn good job.

Aksys Games just came out with Bit.Trip Beat, a new title for WiiWare that goes full-on retro in a most amazing way. You control the famous paddle, and are tasked with swatting back pixels as you would expect. The twist? Like in Rez, all the enemies come at carefully timed intervals so that when you kill them you build up a song as you go. The pixels themselves are merciless – the game is very hard, and we’ve yet to beat level 1. Despite this we’ll probably go back and play it on a regular basis, as there is decent 4 way co-op multiplayer and we’re gluttons for ridiculously hard retro games.

The game is $6 (600 points) on WiiWare. It’s worth it. We need more games like this out there.

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  1. Dudes. First of all, thank you. Thank you for this picture. You know how many photos of game developers are out there that try to look WAY more serious than they ought to? I mean, are we making GAMES or what!?

    Also, thank you for the choice write-up! I’m stoked you like our game! I am looking forward to yours in 2010!

    -Alex Neuse

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