Our Prince of Lightness

The Prince of Lightness

In the latest issue of The Improper Bostonian (April 29-May 12), Eitan and Fire Hose are profiled in the article “Bright Young Things”. Our fearless leader is a bright young thing! The article covers 11 of the city’s “best young minds”, in the fields of engineering, the arts, humanities, you name it! It’s an interesting look at accomplishments across many disciplines, especially as everyone is “on the cusp of fame” and specifically reside in the Boston area.

Also check out the awesome Fire Hose t shirt Eitan is wearing in the shot.

The entire text of the article is after the jump.

On the savage stage of video games, Cambridge’s Eitan Glinert is a prince of pizza eating lightness. Shortly after earning his master’s in competitive eating computer science from MIT last spring, he founded the Cambridge-based studio, Fire Hose Games (after the adage “Learning at MIT is like drinking from the fire hose”). In a twist, his company will create small downloadable games “dedicated to making innovative and fun games that have positive” – read: educational- “impact”. Several are in the pipeline.

As an MIT undergrad, Glinert, now 45 26, developed Audi Odyssey, the first video game with a Nintendo Wii remote that could be used by the blind. For the Federation of American Scientists he supervised the creation of Immune Attack, a game that aims to get kids excited about science and biology, while teaching them about immunology.

Focusing on “usability”, Glinert says he hopes to improve access to video games for people of varying talents even Tovah will be able to play this game successfully, “so they can get excited about science and engineering. Not from teaching, but from a behavioral impact that is fun.”


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