Boston Anime Con

What did you do this weekend? Maybe you dressed up like your favorite Anime/Video game character? A lot of people did in Boston. Test your geek knowledge by naming the video game characters below:

It's Chrono! From Chrono Trigger! If you haven't played this game, you should.Rikku, from Final Fantasy X (and X-2, but I prefered the original). What is that blue thing next to her?

It's the hero robot from Cave Story! I love this guy, definitely my favorite.It's the Scout from Team Fortress 2! I'm pretty sure he's a Red Sox fan.

Can you name them all? Mouse over for the answers! You can also follow the jump for two bonus characters.

These two aren’t from video games, but are still awesome. As before, answers by mousing over them. Awesome costumes everyone! Thanks to Kristina and Frank for taking the pictures.

It's a zombie pirate, from Pirates of the Caribbean! The good original one, not the later shitty movies.It's San from one of my favorite movies ever, Princess Mononoke! Also, is it just me or is this girl wicked hot? She'd probably just try to stab me with a wolf's tooth though...


  1. Which part of FFX is that in? I don’t remember…

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