I hate Twitter (except when Google is down)

Google was down, gmail was down, youtube was down... what the hell are we supposed to do at work? Actually get stuff done? Not on my watch!

Google exploded a few days ago. You probably noticed when your internet stopped working. At Fire Hose we wanted to find out news about the outage, but where does one look for information when google is down. Yahoo? Too 90’s. Ask.com? Too lame after they dropped Jeeves.

But what about Twitter? Personally, I think it is a collection of neurotic clowns who feel the need to post their innermost moronic rambling to complete strangers – so surely it’s the perfect place to go to when it’s the end of the internet as we know it!

We were cracking up as we read the posts on Twitter throughout the day. It was also telling what you could search for. For instance, “Google down apocalypse” turned up over 60 results just a few minutes after the outage. “Google down zombies” turned up even fewer hits, with only 3 about a half hour in. Then again, that’s what the zombies would want, disrupting communcation will make the pandemic spread that much faster.

By the way, Fire Hose now has a Twitter account unimaginatively named “Fire Hose Games”. We have no plans to post there, but you’re welcome to add us anyway.