What We’re Playing: Grow Cube

I'm totally a sucker for those hard working little stick figure dudes. I'd love to play a game where you are a maniacal overlord ruling over many cute stick figures who do your evil bidding. In other words, Pikmin.

Got a few hours to kill? Are you really into trial and error? Then do I have a game for you! Grow Cube is a fun and addicting little game in which you add elements to a cube and watch them interact. It seems simple but the combinations possible through trial and error make the game really interesting. It’s also wicked cool to see the little dudes do their thing and run around the environment. While the end goal may not be clear I can assure you that you will know when you’ve won.

If you like the game I’d recommend checking out all the other offerings at by EYEZMAZE, like the Grow RPG. I might do a separate blog post on that one later.