Who wants to join a Fire Hose D&D campaign?

Big bonus points people: Who can name which game these dragons are from? I'll give you a hint: Defeating the Zombie Dragon gets you the Rat Tail, which is apparently some sort of prerequistie for becoming an adult or some bullshit.

Dungeons and Dragons is something that I’ve always wanted to play, but in shame have never really gotten around to it. Sure, I’ve played variants like Final Fantasy (the original) and Baldur’s Gate II, and last summer I even played around two minutes of an awesome campaign headed up by Josh Diaz at GAMBIT, but I can’t say that I’ve honestly ever spent time with it.

Well, no more! I’m planning on starting a new campaign using the new 4th edition rules. And I need people to join me! 4-6 people, specifically. So I thought I’d have some fun and invite you, loyal Fire Hose blog reader, to play. Want to join? Here are the requirements:

  • Must live in Boston/Cambridge
  • Must be free on Monday nights, from 7-10pm
  • Must be super awesome, and have fought dinosaurs before
  • Ideally we’ll have a mix of guys and girls, game developers and non-game developers

If you’re interested shoot me an e-mail! You can use my super secret address of my first name at firehosegames.com to profess your desire to join, and if you make the cut we’ll get you set up.


  1. I’ve fought dinosaurs as Humphrey Bogart.

  2. Imacomputah

    Oooo…definitely interested. I’m kind of in the same boat where I attempted to play a few times when I was younger but never really got a real campaign going (our DM was pretty sub-par).

  3. You know what…I just might be interested.

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