Recap of our first D&D adventure

Ok, big shout out to Matt and Tony for hounding me about the broken ass RSS feeds on this website. Even bigger thanks to Tony for just rolling up his sleeves and just fixing the damn thing himself when I was unable to figure the damn thing out myself. As a thank you, here is a caricature of stoopid for you.

We recently finished our first D&D adventure here at Fire Hose, and Jeff Ward has been nice enough to write up a pretty detailed play by play for how shit went down. Enjoy!

After the rest of the party was separated from Nebin and Alia, we immediate set to questioning the remaining kobold about where our friends had gone. Of course, by we I mean mostly Taleh. After much cajoling, we convinced the kobold to show us how to rejoin our friends on the other side of the portal, taking him along for good measure.

Follow the jump to find out what happened next

Meanwhile Nebin and Alia had been fighting off the few kobolds that had gone to the other side of the portal, certainly surprised that they were not in the desert city Degania, and instead in a clearing of a forest. Aided by some unseen archers hidden in the surrounding woods, our heroes were able to dispatch the kobolds, except for the leader, who disappeared in a puff of smoke.

By now, the rest of us had joined Nebin and Alia but found ourselves held hostage by the unseen archers, who did not believe we were allies of Nebin and Alia, and enemies of the kolbolds. After several attempts, we were able to sweet talk our way into at least a morticum of trust, and were able to extract from them the whereabouts of the secret Oyev mining operation near by, and the existence of a strange ally of Oyev, a young dragon by the name of Ariyeh. We decided to go investigate the mining operation and, aided by one of the elven archers, Luvian, snuck into the camp, and found ourselves face to face with an Orc and his apprentice.

In the very long battle that followed, we tried every trick in the book to defeat the orcs and their miners (well, except for maybe Arannis, who stood in the corner casting Cloud of Daggers over and over and over again). Taleh and Lucian were knocked unconscious, though they were revived, and the battle seemed almost lost when the dragon, angry at both the miners for not finishing their task, and us for disrupting it, burst forth onto the battle field. In the frey, Arannis also noticed that there was a box in the back of mining operation’s carts.

The party, and the orcs, scattered and ran to safety, but Alia, in a fit of either brilliance insanity, jumped on the mining operation’s carts and attempted to make their horses get him to safety. Nebin, seeing this, jumped on to the cart himself to help, turning the horses back toward the portal, with the dragon in hot pursuit.

Back in the clearing, the party quickly jumped back on to the portal, though not before Silidhor grabed the strange looking box in the back cart. Taleh quickly ran to the podium to control the portel, and punched in the key codes to send the party home. As we traveled back, the last thing we saw was Taleh being quickly engulfed in the flames.