We’re looking for an Artist!

Man, I would totally do the art myself if I had the time. I'm super pro at using MS Paint, I've even been known to break out GIMP on occasion. WHAT NOW, ADOBE?

Our game is really coming along, and it looks like we might want some extra help getting our game looking amazing. So we’re putting out a call for an artist to help us out! The description is below, or you can check out the jobs page. If you happen to know refer an artist looking to us and we hire him/her we’ll hit you up with a finders fee (read: lotsa thank you beer + food).

Ideal candidates should be based in Boston or willing to move here, and should be super psyched at the prospect of working at an awesome new indie start up. Hopefully we’ll hear from some of our readers!

Job Opening – Artist: We are looking for a freelance or contract artist with preferably 3+ years of experience making video games. Generalist skills required, must have strong 2D and 3D background and the ability to create both compelling environments and characters. Proficiency in 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Illustrator required. Extensive video game knowledge a big plus, as is any previouis game design experience. We’re looking for a good collaborator who can work in an established style and also expand upon it, and is able to take feedback and give it. If there is a good fit the work could turn into a permanent position.