We’re Moving (Part 1)


It’s the end of an era! Now that we’ve turned one and are officially the biggest, baddest, and most hardcore game studio in the Western Hemisphere it’s time to move up in the world, and by “up” I mean “Northwest” apparently. While we’ve loved being in Kendall in our sweet basement digs we’ve decided to make the move to nearby Inman Square, where we will be able to enjoy Christina’s ice cream whenever we want. Also the office is way bigger and nicer than our old office, and has amenities such as windows, running water, cell phone reception, air conditioning, and a distinct lack of overhead acid waste pipes.

We’re planning on having a small housewarming in our new space in early September, so if you’re a friend and want to come drop us a line. For those of you who aren’t around here are some pictures of the good times we had at our current space. Stay tuned for some awesome pictures of our next spot.

Camera 095 small

Follow the jump for more pics.

Camera 067



*sniff* I’ll miss First St. and the Athenaeum.


  1. Elizabeth

    kjahdfoayrhf.kanf.kzdfu.drhakuyf;dfojgdnldffud09fu.kfh!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup that is exactly how I feel about this decision of yours to leave my building and me with out a Geek Squad 🙁 Very very very sad :'( sniffle sniffle

  2. alison

    Call me if you need anything. You have my number.
    Don’t forget me.

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