FH D&D Adventures Continue!

Here's what our map looked like for the final battle. The underground stream has a source and sink (labeled as such), and characters who entered the water had to make an endurance check of at least 12 (15 for Nebin since he is small) to avoid getting swept 2 squares downstream. The elven prisoners were held in the northwest island, away from the entrance.

The Fire Hose Dungeons and Dragons campaign continues! Jeff Ward was awesome enough to do a second write up (after last time’s), so here’s a rundown of what happened.

The Players:

Nebin – halfling theif, bold + brazen and full of bravado
Silidhor – ranger elf, quiet with a dark past
Arranis – eladrin wizard, more interested in books and history than fighting
Lucian – elf cleric, a healer with a big freaking mace

After returning from our battle against the dragon, Alia immediately ran off to inform Taleh’s family of his apparent demise. Nebin, Silidor, Arranis and Lucian, meanwhile, investigated the contents the chest they had stolen from the dig site. Nebin, Silidor, and Lucian divided (and fought) over some gold, stones and potions, while Arranis spent some time with some very interesting looking (and magical) spectacles, which came with a note, apparently written in Abyssal, which he decided needed more investigation.

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After resting at the inn, the party emerged again to do some investigation about the events and news taking place in Keturah. Arranis attempted some rituals to understand his Abyssal note, and headed to the library to see if he could get any information. After many attempts, they learned that the note held instructions for an attack on some elves, and included portal coordinates on where to find them. Arranis decided this needed to be brought to the attention of the Keturah guard immediately, and set off to find them.

Nebin, meanwhile, contacted his friends (meaning other thieves) for news around the city. Apparently, there were a set of bandits that had been muscling in on the thieves territory, and they were none too happy. The bandit’s had to wait though, as we had more important matters to attend to.

The party rejoined together to talk to Katsin, captain of the Keturah guard, and convince him they needed to go warn the elves about the pending attack. Katsin was wary, and wanted to destroy the portal before Oyev had a chance to break through, but reluctantly agreed to let us through.

Once through the portal, the party set off following tracks into the mountain. Heading in, we were immediately ambushed by several goblins, one of which we recognized as the apprentice from the dig site, meaning the boss couldn’t be far. After taking them down (and receiving some serious loot in the process) and resting, we set out down the caverns, trying to find the elves who we knew were now in danger.

We came into the cave and spotted several Warcasters, miners, and, of course, the Goblin Dig Boss, looking meaner than ever, and interrogating or friends the elves. We decided to attack, but Nebin, in a stroke of brilliance, convinced the Warcasters and the miners that their Boss was a traitor to Oyev, and as loyal subjects of Oyev they should take him down. This worked for a little while, but soon the battle took a turn for the worse. The Warcasters soon came to their senses and turned on us, and quickly made short work of Silidor and Lucian. While Nebin kept the Boss occupied, Arranis did his best to revive and stabilize his allies, as well as attempt to free the elves. In the end, the Boss took down Nebin, leaving only Arranis standing.

The Boss, bloodied but not broken, but also sick of all this fighting, moved over to one of the elves, stole something off of him, quickly killed him, and then ran, with the final Warcaster right behind him. Arranis slowly gathered up his allies and the remaining elf, and sat to rest until they could recover.

The elf informed everyone that he was part of a guerrilla group fighting Oyev, and that what the Boss had stolen was coordinates to the only other group they had contact with. In exchange for their help warning the other elves, he agreed to follow them back to Keturah, and discuss an alliance with the guard.

And so, battered and broken, the party made their way back to the portal.

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