Review of A(x25)! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity


Normally we don’t do reviews of games on our website since I don’t really care enough to play anything made after 1983 or that has “graphics”. But Deejoban Games recently released their new game, AAAAAAAA (etc.) and since Ichiro is a friend of mine I feel compelled to do a quick write up.

The game is pretty damn simple: You base jump off the top of a building and plummet downwards, trying to gain points by smashing through scoring plates, flipping off protesters, giving the thumbs up to fans, and landing with only a couple of broken bones. The game has an interesting mechanic of “hugging” and “kissing” buildings, which means to fly real close to them without turning into paste. Beating a level sufficiently well will earn you teeth, which can then be used to unlock later, more complicated levels, different abilities like time-slowing caffeine, and other bizarre features.

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The game does a bunch of things well. It’s really impressive how you feel like you are base jumping with the wind flying through your hair and certain death awaits you below. The sound is also excellent and the music captures the sort of adrenaline pumping feel that you would expect. The tongue in cheek style for the game is really great too, as the tone is bizarre and witty in a “Portal” like sense – you’re a punk base jumper in some weird world where people love you or hate you. There’s even a bunch of strange unlockables, like Ichiro meditating with you. Awesome.

Overall the game is really polished, though I felt there were some areas that could have done a bit better. The mouse controls are tricky compared to the keyboard, and I found turning around in particular to be really hard. Dying repeatedly can get frustrating, and there is no checkpoint sort of feature so you’ll need to restart every level from the beginning. However, these complaints are fairly minor, and they didn’t detract from the experience enough to keep me from having a great time.

Overall the game is a lot of fun, and certainly worth the $15 Ichiro is asking for. Go grab it on Steam or his website if you think it looks cool (and it is!)

This review is based on my two hour playthrough in which I completed around ~12 levels and got maybe 20% through the game.