We’re looking for a Programmer!

True story: Mrs. Pac Man was made in the building that Fire Hose 1.0 was in. They were even in the same basement, and probably had similar lab waste pipes running overhead. Crazy! I can only assume our first game will be as big of a hit.

Wow, two hiring posts for different positions in just a few weeks! We must be up to something awesome.

If you are a programmer looking for work, drop us a line at jobs<at>firehosegames[dot]com! If you aren’t a programmer but have friends who are, feel free to forward this along to them! If you aren’t a programmer and don’t have friends who are then you’re probably far more normal than any of us.

Job Description: We are looking for a full time or freelance programmer with preferably 3+ years of experience making console video games. Experience with PS3, Xbox 360, and/or Wii desired. Must know C++, other languages like Python, C, and Java a plus (bonus points for knowing Scheme, Cobalt, or Intercal). Ideal candidates will have a thorough understanding of all the different phases of development and have experience working intimately with artists. Basically we want a whiz who can build a game from the ground up on his/her own. If that’s you we’d love to see an application.