Development Blog: Crunch Time at Fire Hose

I think that peanut butter crunch cereal is best served as dinner as you watch movies on your laptop late at night. But what the hell is up with it cutting the roof of your mouth?

As you probably already know, we make games. Specifically, we’re busting our ass making one game which we’re hoping to have out next year on XBLA, PSN, WiiWare, PC, or some combination thereof. That means we’re going to enter our game into the IGF and SMU/Guildhall competitions.

But both submission deadlines are only two weeks away (Halloween!), and we’ve still got a lot to do before we’re ready to submit! So we’ve entered crunch, that semi-hellish, always delirious period where we eat, sleep, and live in the office in an attempt to get everything squared away on time. It’s kind of annoying that we even need to do such a thing, but I suppose that the most successful endeavors always come with a lot of hard work.

Specifically, we’re cleaning up a lot of our animations, making our characters and menus look extra shiny, squashing bugs, and trying to create an awesome set of videos, trailers, and wallpapers for all of you who are eagerly anticipating finding out what the hell we’re up to. Keep checking in here over the next few weeks and we’ll finally announce our game! Also, if you live in the area and want to stop by our office with a care package of food, booze, or caffeine, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂