What We Played in 2009

These games cost money. That's bad. The games in this list? They are free. That's good! Our games? Cost money. But they're still good!

2009 was an awesome year for games! And we played a lot of them! Here’s a recap of the great games we played this year. If you haven’t tried them yet, now’s your chance! They are all FREE and just waiting for you to enjoy them.

Our year started off with a great little platformer called Eversion that has a scary twist (a retail version is in the works). We then laughed a ton while living out the Olympic dreams of QWOP. There were a few fun games in the Boston Global Game Jam, and The Redistricting Game taught us about how messed up our current electoral system is.

The Legend of Princess gave us a glimpse of what could have been a sequel to Zelda 2 (on the NES), and Dino Run ate up a bunch of our time as we ran away from Armageddon with our dinosaur brethren. Speaking of dinosaurs, have you checked out Robot Dinosaurs that Shoot Beams When They Roar yet? It’s a pivotal work in gaming. Gemcraft is an addicting little tower defense game with a fun chromatic twist, and Facade is an older game (2004 or 5, I think) but still a lot of fun to play today.

Effing Hail is a neat little flash game where you destroy buildings, airplanes, and satellites with hail, or if you are in a more constructive mood you can try building with Grow Cube. Don’t Eat the Mushroom (and Knytt Stories) is a hilarious game about what happens when you do (or don’t) eat the mushroom, and is a must play for any serious gamer. Finally this year we enjoyed racing through the apocalypse in Canabalt, and subsequently relaxed with the music of Auditorium.

These were all terrific games, if you haven’t tried them yet be sure to go play them all now!


  1. Yay, I’ve played at least 9/10 of these. I actually own half and currently have Jedi Knight II installed on my computer. I love the orange box. I see you like cinematic games as much as I do.

  2. Guest

    I can’t figure out the controls for QWOP. Sure, it’s supposed to be easy to figure out (e.g. Q moves the right leg back, W moves the left leg back), but unless there’s some documentation on how the Claves are supposed to work, there’s no point in me bothering to get a high score.

    Sure, figuring it out is the whole point of the game, but the results of the calves button seem inconsistant.

  3. It’s QWOP, the whole game is deliberately a train wreck. I would pay less attention to what “muscles” are related to which buttons and just mess around trying to find a way to move.

    You can get a high score, Ethan wasted a huge amount of time and finished the race once 🙂

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