2010 IGF Finalists Announced

Congrats Ichiro and Roleo! We'll be cheering for you at awards night.

The 2010 IGF Finalists have been announced! Sadly, Slam Bolt Scrappers was not among the finalists, but there’s always next year (when we’ll be further along with development, and with any luck will have finished the game). There is good news though! Boston had a strong showing, and three of the finalists are made by locals!

Club Rochiro made AAAAAAAAAAA, the awesome base jumping game in which you get to flip off protesters, kiss buildings, and listen to Ichiro’s sweet, soothing voice while you meditate. Marc Ten Bosch made Miegakure, a mind blowing 4-D (yes, 4-D) puzzle platformer in which you navigate a Zen Garden and try to keep your brain from exploding. It’s a lot of fun! Finally, Rob Jagnow made Cogs, a fun sliding puzzle game with an awesome steampunk style. Yeah, Rob lives in San Francisco and made the game out there, but screw that, he’s an MIT guy and was making games in Boston until recently, I’m claiming this one for our side.

Congrats to all the finalists, these games are all really spectacular! We’ll give next years contestants more of a run for their money 🙂

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  1. Rob

    Thanks for the shout out, Eitan! Yeah, I’m still a Boston boy at heart. I miss winter. You probably think that’s a joke, but I’m serious. I love snow.

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