Inspector Gadget: Man or Machine?

Inspector Gadget: The terrifying face of our future law enforcement agencies. Or hilarious show from the 80's that I kind of miss.

We’ve been kicking this question around the office for a while and are unable to come up with a satisfactory answer. Is Inspector Gadget a man or a machine?

There is ample evidence that Gadget is some sort of Cyborg with extensive implants; that would certainly explain the fact that his limbs all seem to function in mechanical ways at times and “normally” at other times. It also explains his demeanor and human personality.

But at what point does one stop being a Cyborg and become a full fledged robot? Gadget regularly has things pop out of his head (see above image), implying that his skull is storage space and indicating that he may in fact be a robot. An alternate theory is that he is entirely human and has some sort of advanced nano-robotic implants which construct (and then deconstruct) his gadgets upon verbal “Go Go” commands.

The rabbit hole goes pretty deep on this one; if Gadget isn’t human, what is his relationship to Penny? Is she actually his niece, or perhaps some sort of highly trained and competent caretaker? Evidence in the cartoon show would certainly support this theory. And what about Brain? Does he have some sort of neuro-stimulation of his own going on? How else could we explain his extraordinary intelligence as a K-9?

What do you think? Let us know where you stand on this in the comments!

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  1. He may be more machine than man, but he’s still a man. Plus hey, if your brain is relocated to say, some empty part in your torso because there are no guts anymore, who’s to say you’re still not human… after all, an amputee with half their body missing is still a human, no? Also, it’s more like taking robotic parts and putting them into a human, rather than human parts and putting them into a machine. If he was born naturally, he’s human… or should we go defining “what is human?”

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