What We’re Playing: Robot Unicorn Attack

I feel like may be pretty close to the video game equivalent of a Rick Roll.

Need a laugh? Have a burning desire to play more video games that look like they were based off the old Trapper Keeper binders from middle school? Well, you’re in luck! Robot Unicorn Attack is a new video game from the nuts over at Adult Swim Games and is definitely worth a play. The premise is pretty simple; you’re a robot unicorn chasing dreams and fairies with your three wishes. The aesthetic is what’s truly memorable (nauseating) as you’ll see when you start playing. I highly recommend playing with the sound on – the soundtrack is epic.

As a side note, I have to hand it to the Adult Swim Games guys. Rather than just churning out crap titles based on their well known IP they focus exclusively on new content that generally has a really catchy idea behind it, and their games are generally higher quality as a result. Well done!

I beat 20,000 on one wish. I challenge you to do better.