Art Director Opening

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Tired of working for a big studio that doesn’t appreciate the work that you do? Were you caught in one of the recent rounds of layoffs? Do you know you could be a terrific leader given the chance? Do you want to join the indie revolution and make awesome games that are a ton of fun and not just some run-of-the-mill shooter?

Then apply to us! We’ve got an opening for an art director and we want to get a new superstar to join our team. Want the details? HERE THEY ARE MY FRIEND.

We’re looking for an artist with 3+ years of experience making console video games, specifically with the PS3 and/or Xbox 360. Strong proficiency with 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Illustrator required (bonus if you know Maya, After Effects, and of course MS Paint). Animation, 3D modeling, and character skills should be exceptional. We would prefer if you’re also great at environmental work and 2D illustrating/concepting, but the 3D stuff is more important. Moreover we need someone who can manage a small 2-3 person art team and make sure that everyone is producing shipping quality assets and working efficiently.

Compensation and Benefits

– Competitive start up wages
– Super generous stock options – you’re getting in on the ground floor of an up and coming studio
– Kickass health care
– 3-4 weeks vacation time, and sick time on top of that
– We only work ~45 hours/week. Really! You can have a life outside of work!
– An environment where you’re part of a small team and get to make real design and creative decisions. You’ll no longer be a cog in the machine!
– Lots of yummy food, snacks, and drinks in the office

To apply, please send your resume and portfolio to jobs [at] firehosegames dot com.