Kotaku reviews Slam Bolt Scrappers!

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OK. Honestly? We’re freaking out a little bit. Stephen Totilo, deputy editor and all around awesome guy, just wrote this review of Slam Bolt Scrappers in Kotaku. It’s one of the biggest video game news websites out there, perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Thanks for the love! To all of our fans, thanks for the AMAZING support over the past three days at PAX East, you made the conference really amazing. We’re going to start a forum and mailing list soon, stay tuned!

Soon to come: Pictures of some of the awesome PAX types playing our game on the expo floor.


  1. Chris J

    Congrats on the awesome review!

  2. D-Rock!

    Local guy, thought your game was great. Got to try it at PAX. The indy with the best potential. Hope you saw the nice write up they had of SlamBolt on Kotaku. If you ever need someone to test…let me know.

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