PAX Pictures!


Here they are! Pictures of our new found fans playing Slam Bolt Scrappers for the first time. There are a TON of pictures, so click on the More button and go through them all to see if you can find yourself! Also be sure to post snarky comments for us, we want to know what you think!


Apparently I took way too many drugs at the conference, because that looks like a chicken.


And Ezio certainly can’t stay away from our game either.

Follow the “More” link to see the rest of these awesome pics!


And Dr. McNinja gets in on the action. He’s a classy doctor, and a ninja!


Our game definitely led to some fierce competition.


And here’s Jason (one of our artists) hanging out with a group of hardcore, awesome gamers.


I love this picture. A dedicated Dad spends some quality time playing Slam Bolt Scrappers with his daughter, our youngest fan. Awesome!


What’s this? Her throne has been usurped! We have a new youngest fan!


Apparently our game was so much fun it was worth videotaping. Thanks to Jeff and Erin for helping out with the booth by the way!


Jacques (our other artist) explains the game to Geoff from GAMBIT and some other fans.


More people playing our game!


Even more people, and our game, and the playing and such as.


HOW MANY FANS CAN ONE GAME HAVE? This many, apparently.


OK, so he wasn’t playing the game in this photo, but I HAD to take a picture with the Black Mage (even if he is only worth 2 points out of a possible 5 in a Final Fantasy party).


Fire Chief hats were in short supply. Thanks for stopping by the booth Dan!


After three long days of gaming this is really the only appropriate response. Collapsing on a pillow, and giving the thumbs up.


Lynn frequently gets stalked by cosplayers, not just at PAX but in life. Is the guy in white Leisure Suit Larry?


These guys may be our two biggest fans from the entire convention. They played a bunch of times each, and when they squared off against each other at the end of the show it was like a clash of the Titans. Thanks for playing guys! Drop us a line and we’ll get you updates/schwag/other fun stuff in the future.


And of course I’ve gotta end with two more pics of the Ghostbusters playing our game. These guys rocked!



  1. Mike

    What, no pictures of me?! Sorry I wasn’t wearing a ridiculous outfit!

    Seriously, I played the game three times. It was my favorite game at the show, period. There were plenty of great big-budget titles, and plenty of awesome XBLA games, but “SBS” was the absolute best.

  2. Can you describe what you look like and what you were wearing while playing? I actually have many, many more pictures but I couldn’t post them all. If you can describe yourself well I’ll dig around and if I find it I’ll put it up.

    And thanks for the support! We really appreciate it. If you’re in Boston we’d love to have you stop by the office and play again, we’re always testing 🙂

  3. Claine

    I don’t think that’s Leisure Suit Larry! I think that’s supposed to be Nick from L4D2

  4. Chris J

    Feel free to send me an email if you need another playtester. I’ll be in Cambridge until June (when I’ll be heading back to Texas). I gave you my card when we met back in October at the FHG studio, but I can give you my contact info again if you need it (I just don’t want to post it publicly here).

  5. MattD

    Dude, that’s not LSL but Nick from L4D2 (with Ellis right beside him). Love the frying pan.

  6. alex

    Wow Eitan, looks pretty awesome. Please post a video of game footage!

  7. The game was a gem to play. The world needs more couch-based multi-player games and this one was exceptional.

    Trust me, I know what I’m talking about- I’m a Ghostbuster.

  8. Haha I stalked the girl in the fire hat from the main floor escalators all the way to the Fire Hose Games booth. That game was fun as hell, can’t wait for it to come out on the XBLA. Dr. McNinja approves!

  9. hey guys! We had a blast playing and really look forward to seeing you guys again! when are we gonna playtest aka hang out play games and screw off haha.

  10. This was such a great game to play! I’m really looking forward to its release.
    Keep up the good work guys. If you are ever looking for developers after you make a gazillion dollars off of this game, send me a line! 😉

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