What We’re Playing: Sydney Shark

Today I played Sydney Shark, watched Zombieland, and read a Game Career Guide article on the results of a game design challenge on Rickrolls. I think I've had my fill of internet memes.

Any time a game gets you laughing they’ve done something right. Sydney Shark is a ridiculous, over the top game in which you control a shark hell bent on killing everything and anyone in its path. The game play is very simple; dive deep, surface quickly to jump, and chomp on everything in your path with the A key. What really makes the game stand out is how fast paced and hilarious it is. Pulling down flying jets/gliders/helicopters/UFOs is a blast and when they crash into the water with a satisfying explosion you are rewarded with tons of points and achievements. The game even has hilarious things pop up from time to time, ranging from a bonus point spinner to shark images to Steve Irwin yelling “Crickey!”, and they all feel great.

The game doesn’t have tons of replay value (you’ll probably cover everything you want to do in 2-3 play throughs) but that will be enough for you to have a lot of fun and probably a few laughs. Give it a shot!