Fire Hose Games and Slam Bolt Scrappers at E3!

We’ve already been showing off Slam Bolt Scrappers at E3 for almost two whole days and have yet to do a single post about it. But not anymore! Here’s the lowdown: Slam Bolt Scrappers is at E3 and the buzz is building to record levels! Gamers of all types have been crowding around our kiosk to partake in as much slamming, bolting, and scrapping as they can. It may have to do with our multiple, awesome locations in the SCEA and SOE booths, but something tells me (by something, I’m referring specifically to the gamers who come by to play) that word has been spreading among the crowd about our game. So, thank you gamers for not only playing Slam Bolt Scrappers and enjoying it, but telling your friends to come by and get in on the fun, too!

And now, here are some highlights from the trip:

– I not only saw a catwoman booth babe, but I also walked in on her changing. Sorry, catwoman!

– A zombie bled all over my Fire Hose t-shirt …

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