Online Gaming: A Poll

It was super hard to write this post and not reference John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theorem (

I play multiplayer games all the time. While I’ve messed around with the odd MMO or two here or there (anyone else still play Starport GE?) most of the multiplayer games I go for are 2-4 player local affairs; I’m not even sure I can count how much time I spent playing Jason Miller’s Golden Eye and getting my ass kicked by his brother Greg. But I never really got into the remote networked games as I’m too into trash talking people in the room.

What about you? How many of you play non-MMO games networked online against people in other parts of the world? And what games do you play? I’m guessing TF2, Mario Kart, and Starcraft are big. Anything else? Little Big Planet, maybe? Or Rock Band? I’d love to know who plays what games, and how often. Jump in the comments and let us know!


  1. John Doe

    CS:S and Battlefield 1942.

  2. Awesome games. It’s kind of awesome that counterstrike is a mod that became (arguably) more popular than the original game.

  3. Chris J

    My wife and I play Mario Kart Wii with friends across the country sometimes, but the game does not facilitate communication at all.

    I also play Heroes of Might and Magic games with friends at distance, but these games take quite a while and have to be scheduled like D&D sessions. I used to do the Mechwarrior and Mech Commander series online as well.

    I suppose you could say that Diablo 2 multiplayer works this way–facilitating many instances of a smaller game world rather than few instances of a huge game world. It’s a bit iffy calling that one an “MMO” or not.

  4. Adam

    Not too into free-for-all gameplay, butI play a lot of games cooperativelyā€¯ā€¯Borderlands and Rainbow 6: Vegas II most recently. I just discovered that some people still play Subspace and Netstorm, so may drop back into those games for a blast from the past.

    I also encountered a five-person flash game recently in which lag was an actual game mechanic. It was interesting, so I will attempt to relocate the link to pass along.

  5. I don’t really play competitively, but I’ve been enjoying a lot of cooperative monster slaughter lately in Monster Hunter Tri for Wii! I need to dive back into it soon, I’m jonsing for a new armor set made of plate, fang, and claw!

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