What We’re Playing: Every Day the Same Dream

Oh no! Look out behind you! THE CAR IS GONNA RUN YOU OVER!.... not really.

Video games are fun, fast paced affairs in colorful worlds radically different from our own with fantastic challenges and amazing scenery. At least, MOST video games are like that. And then there’s Every Day the Same Dream, by Molleindustria (the same guys that did the McDonald’s video game, which is probably deserving of its own post). EDtSD is very different from your typical video game fare; in it you play as a worker in a factory looking for some meaning in life. The game is slow, the colors are drab, the action is uninspiring, and the goal unclear. But the game really shines as an analogy for what life can be like, and is definitely worth playing through until the end. Go give it a shot!

Oh, and this game is totally ert.


  1. Guy

    While I was rather driven to see just what would happen when the game ends, I have to say I was disappointed.
    Maybe it’s just me, though, since I really hate endings which are “clever” that way. I find it to be rather artificial and silly.

    Unless there’s an alternative ending I just didn’t get.

  2. Hey Guy! Thanks for visiting the website 🙂

    I don’t think there are any alternate endings so you probably got it. I like it because for a video game it is very different than what you’re used to, but I wouldn’t want to play a longer version.

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