Conceptualizing Slam Bolt Scrappers

Slam Bolt Scrappers logo in lava

Slam Bolt Scrappers takes place in Slam Bolt City, but the world containing SBS includes several different environments. One of the discussions we had here at Fire Hose Games was, “How can we create an exciting world full of color that takes place in urban and non-city related environments?” The answer boiled down to identifying exactly which elements were affected by the chaos. Slam Bolt City is a world by itself, your kingdom, where things are influenced by outside events. The rest of the world is a battle ground for events that will tie into Slam Bolt City. This mindset allowed us to create some interesting 2D level concepts.

Below is a concept of Slam Bolt City that was designed alongside our other promotional piece – the Slam Bolt Scrappers wallpaper. It does a great job of using color to emphasize the different environments, hinting at the yet to be disclosed storyline.
Promotional Concept of Slam Bolt City

We’ve also been putting a lot of thought into the scenery of tutorial levels. Many of the later stages have busy backgrounds that are not really conducive to tutorials. One idea we toyed with was creating a Tutorial Island isolated from the craziness of SBC. This concept shows our try at building a less chaotic environment that still captures the excitement of SBS through its colors.
Concept of tutorial island in Slam Bolt Scrappers

Check out the full sized images in our Slam Bolt Scrappers gallery.

More to come soon…

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  1. Mike

    FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY, get this game on the 360. I am immensely jealous of PS3 owners for getting “SBS”- far more jealous than I ever was of them having “Metal Gear Solid 4” or “Killzone 2” or any other exclusive (perhaps even more than the “Ratchet & Clank” games, even though the PS2 “Ratchet” games are among my favorite games ever). I don’t care how much “SBS” costs, if it comes to the 360, I will buy it.

    Along with “Red Dead Redemption”, it was one of the two best games at PAX East, hands down. And I wouldn’t even necessarily say that the demo for “Red Dead” was better.

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