Fire Hose in the News

Thanks for letting us steal your stuff on a regular basis Dejobaan! This picture looks great, glad we made it.

I don’t know what’s going on lately but it seems like Fire Hosers and Slam Bolt Scrappers have been popping up in the news all over the place. You probably already heard the good news about our impending release on the PlayStation Network, but in case you missed it here is a sampling of all the other fun stuff out there on the intarwebs!

The Dejobaan guys have a kick ass new website, Indie Superstar, and in their debut Indie Water Cooler features a ridiculous conversation between Andy Moore (Fantastic Contraption), Jeff Rosen (Humble Indie Bundle), and yours truly! Best Quote: “What you produce with your Indie status may very well be shitty, but it doesn’t make you less Indie. You’re just a Shitty Indie. “

Gamespy also has a kick as new column (apparently kick ass new things are a trend?) called the Indie Spotlight, and their first highlight is Slam Bolt Scrappers! Nathan Meunier’s article is fantastic and definitely worth a read. Best Quote: “Fire Hose Games’ debut puzzle brawler is soaked in awesome.

James Bishop over at DIY Gamer wrote a well written and thought provoking article on a “less is more” philosophy where game developers are sometimes better served by trying to do one or two things well instead of spreading themselves too thin, and used Slam Bolt Scrappers as an example. Best Quote: “Simpler does not equate to worse in any way.”

Rodney Brown over at Mass High Tech put out a nice article on us getting picked up by Sony Online Entertainment, but was that picture of me really necessary?

Oh, and let’s not forget the E3 coverage! Josh Fernandes at PlayStation LifeStyle wrote a nice piece on us about his impressions. The Couch Athletics guys called us one of the 5 games you don’t want to miss from E3, and actually had us in company with Comic Jumper and Bionic Commando Rearmed 2! Wicked.

We’re super psyched that everyone likes our game, thanks for the press! If anyone out there is looking for info on us or our game please reach out to us, we’re happy to chew your ears off.


  1. Jeff

    You look like a madman +3.

  2. John

    Hey there,
    Nice shirt last night at BI!
    Did your website see a decent boost in traffic with this article?
    How many interns do you have in your queue already after your BI roll-call last night?
    When is the game testing? 🙂
    When will you give a Boston Indies show (or have you already)?

  3. Our website traffic has been pretty steady – my Mom visits once per day, as does some robot in the Ukraine.

    We’re still figuring out what (if anything) we want to try doing with interns in the fall semester. If you want in please e-mail alec -at- firehosegames [dot] com

    Game testing is ongoing, just hit up test @ firehosegames to get set up.

    We gave a talk at BI a few months back, I suspect we won’t give another one until we’re done with the game in a few months. Of course if people really want to hear us rant about stuff I’m happy to do it!

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