Why I love Boston

Come to Boston - our most noteworthy landmark is for a defunct gas station!

(inspired by Bill Reed’s post over at the Demiurge Blog)

An Open Letter to Curt Schilling (because I don’t have his e-mail address)

Dear Curt,

Dude, seriously? You’re leaving Boston for Rhode Island? This city MADE YOU. Before coming to here you were just some pitcher from Arizona, a state best known for their iced tea and cacti. You’ve upgraded! When people think of Curt Shilling now they think of the Red Sox, Fenway franks, and maybe your new video game push. Hell, your studio mascot is even a green monster!

Boston is a great city! We’ve got a growing, vibrant dev community full of brilliant and generally balanced people who are experts at making awesome games. We’ve got some of the best universities around pumping out students who are basically free slave labor *wink wink*. And we have a higher burrito joint/game developer ratio than any city east of the Rockies.

And what did you even leave Boston for? A mere… 75 million dollars? WHAT? You can get that much for moving to Rhode Island? I didn’t realize….

Hey Rhode Island, wanna cut us a piece of that action? We’re ready to move tomorrow!

ps. 38 Studios guys who don’t feel like moving, perhaps it’s time you considered an exciting switch to indie game development? We’re always looking 🙂

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  1. John

    he’s a ghetto superstar, fo sho.

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