Dev Update: Alpha Alpha Alpha!

This building is a metaphor for our game. You can see the whole size, you can see we're gonna do, and it's got a ways to go. Also both have hard hats.

OK, I admit it. WE’VE BEEN QUIET LATELY. Since PAX Prime we haven’t been saying too much. But it’s for your benefit! You see we’ve been busting our ass, and just last week we hit Alpha, that magical milestone where every feature and mode has been added to the game. It’s the first time that we can look at the game and see the entire thing in all its glory.

So great, we’re done, right? NOT QUITE MY FRIENDS. The game is wicked buggy, and while every level, boss, and block type might be in, a lot of stuff doesn’t quite look right, or we’ll occasionally get the mysterious crash of mysteriousness. As you can imagine, we’ve got a lot to fix. Still, it’s pretty sweet that we can have 4 people sit down together and play through the entire campaign, or play anything in the battle mode.

Perhaps you live in the greater Boston area, and are intrigued by all the new kick ass-edness in Slam Bolt Scrappers? Then why don’t you visit and try out the game! Drop us a line (test <at> firehosegames [dot] com) and we’ll get you set up.