PAX Prime 2010 Pictures: Volume 1

Eitan Glinert playing Slam Bolt Scrappers with PAX Cosplayer Robin and Mr Destructoid Game of the Show

If you’ve checked out our Facebook Fan Page, you know we took tons of pictures of our trip to PAX Prime. All the shots were awesome, but I’m gonna use this post to highlight some of my favorites. Along the way, you’ll learn a little bit more about Fire Hose Games, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn a little more about yourself. Meanwhile, I’ll try to resist the urge to edit Mr. Destructoid and our Game of the Show nomination sticker into every image.

PAX Cosplay

Some awesome PAX cosplay right here. There was some debate as to who these characters are, but it doesn’t even matter, they rock.

PAX Cosplay Plants vs Zombies

Tons of people were wearing the cones from Plants vs Zombies. Coincidentally, many of those players also liked our game enough to pose for pictures.

PAX Cosplay Phoenix Wright Slam Bolt Scrappers

While his sign said “Objection!”, Phoenix Wright could not object to our awesome gameplay. Zinger.

Follow the “More” link to see the rest of these awesome pics!

PAX Cosplay Captain Falcon

I’m pretty sure Captain Falcon is in mid-air in this picture. Falcon punch, indeed.

PAX Cosplay Ninjas Slam Bolt Scrappers

The ninjas know what’s up. They played a few good rounds, but left a shuriken in our TV screen when the Robot Boss wrecked em.

PAX Muzzy Lane Slam Bolt Scrappers

Our friends at Muzzy Lane. Keeping it real, as always.

PAX 24 Caret Games Slam Bolt Scrappers

Matt, from 24 Caret Games, had an awesome time showing off retro/grade. Although I couldn’t get a high enough score for a shirt, I did get a sweet retro/grade poster. Nice work, guys, the game rocks!

PAX drinkbox studios About a Blob Slam Bolt Scrappers

About a Blob, the new game from fellow indie, Drinkbox Studios, was looking excellent. And they had rocking shirts too!

PAX cosplay fifth element Slam Bolt Scrappers

More cosplay, coming at you. She said this costume was actually super comfortable. I’m probably gonna wear this for the next PAX.

PAX cosplay Street Fighter Slam Bolt Scrappers

Do you guys ever play as Dan in Street Fighter? He kinda sucks.

That’s all for now. Check back soon for Volume 2 – I’ve got a lot more pictures that need snarky comments added into the mouseover title.