Slam Bolt Scrappers in the Press

This is how people generally get the news, isn't it? Delivered to your doorstep (or window) by 8 bit pixelated bicycle paperboy, right?

OK, so we’re two weeks out from PAX and the dust has settled (especially with all the cool news coming out of Tokyo nowadays). For the SBS fans out there here is a big ‘ol list of all the press the game got coming out of PAX. A big thanks to all of the reporters for writing about our game, we promise that the final version will blow the one you saw in Seattle out of the water!



  • Destructiod Best of Show Nominee
  • DIY Gamer: Best Overall, Best Future Prospect

Press Round Up

  • Penny Arcade
    • “I was overjoyed to see that since last I saw them, Fire Hose Games had inked a deal with Sony to bring the clever melange of Slam Bolt Scrappers to the PSN early next year.” – Tycho
  • Destructoid
    • Slam Bolt Scrappers was my personal favorite game at PAX Prime. So much so, that I found myself continuously pushing it on my coworkers, and in some cases, dragging them back to the booth with me. They loved it, too.” – Jordan Devore
  • DIY Gamer
    • “The game seems to effortlessly combine an amazing puzzle concept with a fighting premise to give what will arguably be one of the most addictive PSN titles ever.” – Geoff Gibson
  • Gamespot (with video goodness!)
    • “Beverage mode? This is the single greatest game devised by mankind since the beginning of mankind being able to make games.” – FlamingWafflez
  • PSN Stores
    • “It’s the PS3’s first legitimate answer to Smash Brothers and, hot damn, is it good!” – Eric G
  • That Video Game Blog
    • “This is one of those pick up and play games that I can definitely get behind” – Chad George
  • G4
    • “I recommend you pick it up.” – Stephen Johnson
  • ZTGD
    • “SBS packed all its unassuming charm into a fast and furious battle” – Cathlin Sentz
  • Gamekiq
    • “The unique style and concept of SBS will keep you occupied for f***ing hours.” – Mark Nolan
  • TotalPlaystation
    • “The fun quotient is through the roof!” – Aram Lecis
  • KidzWorld (I love this one!)
    • “It’s a mix of beat ’em up, puzzle, and tower defense that is crazy fun.”
  • Joystiq (review)
    • “It’s tough balancing your own strategy and reacting to the things you can’t control, but it was the kind of challenge that really felt rewarding when everything worked.” – David Hinkle
  • Kotaku
    • This is what happens when you brainstorm with madlibs. And its awesome.” – Octasquid is now Closed
  • IGN
  • Jotystiq pre-PAX preview
  • Platform Nation
  • Gamestop Mafia
  • Press Start
  • TheSixthAxis
  • Thunderbolt
the fun quotient is through the roof

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