Slam Bolt Scrappers is at PAX! Come visit booth 3834!

Eitan Glinert in front of Slam Bolt Scrappers Sign at Fire Hose Games PAX Prime booth 3834

Things are getting crazy at PAX Prime and the Fire Hose Games booth is filling up fast. The fans are going CRAZY over the new features we’re showing off in Slam Bolt Scrappers. I’ll be posting regular picture updates on our Facebook Fan Page, along with tons of tweets about all the cool stuff happening at the show. So if you’re at PAX, be sure to swing by and get your scrap on.

Jeff and Sharat are manning two MASSIVE TVs showing off the newest features in Slam Bolt Scrappers. We’ve got 2v2 Battle Mode, Volcano City, and the Robot Boss ready for gamers to tear up in 50″ of plasma screen glory. You gotta understand that this is a serious upgrade – watching the Robot Boss blast missiles at players on these gigantic screens caused a single tear to trickle down my cheek (albeit an acidic tear that quickly burned through the floor).