Thank you PAX fans!

The blooper costume was probably my favorite. Not only could she see through the black part, but she kicked ass playing the game. AWESOME

We just got back from PAX, and the response was absolutely incredible. We got a mention on Penny Arcade, we were interviewed by Gamespot, we got a ton of press, and my panel on indie games went amazingly well. We couldn’t have asked for a better show.

However I need to take a step back and say that ALL of that pales in comparison to getting to spend three days on the showroom floor with real gamers playing Slam Bolt Scrappers for the first time. The PAX community is unbelievable; you guys came and literally attacked our game, and watching the gigantic smile on your face when you built up that 4×4 mega death laser of doom was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. We saw parents and their young kids teaming up with young and old couples eager to take on giant robots and flying chicken riders, and I couldn’t even keep up with all the amazing feedback we were getting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; PAX is my favorite show because of the fans.

So THANK YOU, everyone who came to good ol’ booth 3834 and played SBS this past weekend. If you’re here for the first time (and who am I kidding? You probably are) be sure to check back over the next few days, we’ll have daily posts with pictures from the show, video and art from the game, and of course slides from the talk I gave with Dylan, Robin, Andy, and Nathan. If you can’t wait and want to see pictures NOW then I highly recommend checking us out on the facebooks and the twitters, where a lot of this stuff is up already.

Man, I miss Seattle already! Can’t wait to see you in 6 months on our turf!


  1. Erin (aka Blooper)

    We had a lot of fun playing your game!! Thank you!

  2. Not to mention being nominated for Game of Show by

  3. I’m SO excited for you guys! Congrats!

  4. Ryan D.

    Hey guys! I played the game at PAX, and totally loved it! Thanks for coming by! It’s great, and I wrote up some short little impressions, and even how I first heard about it on my Dtoid blog:

    I hope you like it!

  5. Awesome piece Ryan, thanks! WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE FINISHED VERSION 🙂 Erin, thanks for posting! You and your friends had some ROCKING cosplay going. And thanks Alex + Caroline!

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