What We’re Playing: Desktop Dungeons


So at PAX Dylan Fitterer (of Audiosurf fame) claimed he was addicted to this little dungeon crawler rougelike and that he had wasted some 15+ hours playing it. I decided to give it a shot, and holy crap was he right, this game is SUPER addicting. But it’s so much fun!

Each round of the game is short, generally taking under 15 minutes to play. You roam around the dungeon, dispatching the world’s laziest monsters who just hang out in one spot and wait for you to fight them. What’s really neat is the way that you refill health and mana – simply exploring the dungeon gives back health, and as the dungeon has a limited size unexplored territory becomes a resource to be managed. Brilliant! Layer that on top of an especially deep game with lots of replyability thanks to a highly variable set of characters, races, purchasable items, dungeon challenges, and magic spells, and you’ve got a game that can be played over and over again for a long time.

What are you doing still here? It’s a free download! Go grab it now from QCF design and have fun wasting an evening on this!


  1. We claim yet more hours! Yessss! Any ideas on making it smoother to play?

  2. Tino

    I thought this would be fun. Not “sit at my laptop and do nothing but play this for 6 hours straight” fun.

  3. Hey Dislekcia + QCF design! Here’s what I would change:

    – If you beat one (or both) level 10 bosses for a level but don’t unlock anything, you still get a “you win” message so you know you can safely retire
    – Get rid of the shitty gods. Mysteria Annur in particular is totally worthless at all times, and choosing it guarantees you will lose the level. The gods in general need more balancing.
    – More magic spells, and better magic spell balancing. In general the more expensive spells (like pisorf and waitwat) are pretty useless

    Overall great stuff! My complaints are minor.

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