Words of Wisdom: In(die)credible! The best new indie games you haven’t played

At PAX I gave a talk with Robin Hunicke (thatgamecompany, Journey), Nathan Vella (Capybara Games, Critter Crunch), Dylan Fitterer (Audiosurf LLC, Audiosurf), and Andy Schatz (Pocketwatch Games, Monaco) called “In(die)credible! The best new indie games you haven’t played”. The talk was a ton of fun and we basically listed a ton of games that we thought were really interesting and discussed why they we thought they were interesting. I know a lot of people have been asking so here are the slides!

More importantly, here are links to all of the games we mentioned and discussed. I strongly recommend checking them out; most of them are free to play, and the ones that cost money are still so awesome that you should pay the $15 or so per title and give them a shot. Enjoy!

I’ll post video soon if I can find it.


  1. Great list there were a few I havn’t seen before, like “Attack of the Paper Zombies” and “Faraway” and a great deal of the last ones on the list. my favourite is still Limbo, I just love that game..

  2. Hey, it’s the guy who made Attack of the Paper Zombies here.

    Thanks for the mention, but I’d appreciate it if you linked to my site and not a 3rd party who mirrors the game. Here the real link: http://www.indiebird.com/blog/?page_id=376

  3. Fixed Alex! Great game, by the way.

  4. Thanks! Hopefully you’ll think the same of Infested Planet.

  5. Hey Eitan. Thanks for hyping team Dejobaan!
    Scrappers got a lot of great major press time, congrats 🙂

    Was this your first Seattle trip? Is it like a rainy Cambridge or?

  6. You should add a link to Eliss (which Nathan mentions) too:

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