Child’s Play Auction – Name Our Characters!

Donate to Child's Play! Play video games! Name our characters!

It’s the season of giving! And in that vein we’re trying to help out with Child’s Play, a charity which raises money to get sick kids video games to play while they’re in the hospital (among other things). It’s a really worthwhile cause, and we’re holding an auction to help.

What are we auctioning off, you ask? The most valuable thing we can think of – NAMING RIGHTS TO THE CHARACTERS IN OUR GAME. That’s right, the winner of the auction will get to name one our main characters whatever they’d like – they can name it after themselves, after a loved one, or after their pet dog for all we care.

Sound great, right? But I’m sure you’ve got questions. Let’s answer them here.

Q: How do I bid on the naming rights of a character?
A: Go to our eBay auction page and bid there. Alternatively if you are planning on going to the Child’s Play Charity Dinner in Seattle you can bid on an auction there (we are holding two separate auctions).

Q: Naming a character sounds cool, but how do I know people will see it?
A: Our game opens up like a standard fighting/brawler game, where you get to choose your character. Your name will be visible here! So every time someone starts up the game they’ll be able to see it.

Q: Sounds awesome! Can I name the character anything I want?
A: More or less, with a few restrictions. The names can’t be inappropriate, corporate, infringing, or excessively long. So no “Butthead”, no “Pepsi McViagra”, and no “Michael Jackson”. We also get veto power over names but that’s just to cover our collective asses.

Q: I like the idea of naming a character, but I’m not convinced. Give me more stuff!
A: That’s not a question, but fine, we’ll hook you up anyway. The winner bidder will also get a kick ass framed poster signed by the entire team. You can see the image below, it looks AWESOME. Jacques really did a kick ass job with this one. Oh, and did we mention THERE ARE ONLY TWO OF THESE POSTERS IN THE WORLD? You’re getting a really awesome, rare, and (almost) unique item here.

Q: I want even more stuff!
A: Fine, we’ll throw in a copy of the game too. Happy?

Q: Yeah! Sounds great. I’m gonna go bid now! But I’m suspicious; how much of this auction are you pocketing?
A: Not one cent. Every penny of the winning bid will go to Child’s Play. That also means this is tax deductible if you care about that sort of thing.

Q: I can’t afford to bid, the price is too high and I’m poor.
A: You can still donate to Child’s Play directly from their website! Even kicking in a couple of bucks helps, and it’s a really worthwhile cause.

That’s it everyone. Thanks for helping us support a great cause! This will really mean a lot to some sick kids.

Now we just need to make the theatrical release version of Slam Bolt Scrappers

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  1. Ha! Well, I’m an eBay n00b and I listed the description twice on the auction page, and apparently once you make a comment you can’t delete it. Oh well! It just means you get to read the awesome description twice.

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