Help Name Our Characters!

Mask Angel Slam Bolt Scrappers Fire Hose GamesNow that our new site is up, we wanted to find an awesome way to get fans involved.  With two unnamed characters left in SBS, we thought, “Should we let gamers name them? YES!”  And with that, the poll below was created.

The two nameless characters in question are a wielding mask wearing, jet pack riding, engineer-looking hero, and an angel that becomes unlockable later in the game.  Check out the video introductions for each character below and vote on which names you like the most.  At the end of the week, we’ll count up the votes and go with the names that you’ve picked!

EDIT: The poll is now closed. Thanks for voting and stay tuned for us to announce the winning names!


  1. aleece townsend

    How about “Chainsaw”

  2. I’m gonna go with Cupid for the guy on the left and Rodney (the Riveter) for the fellow with the mask.

  3. Jeff

    Angel = Lance, Leo, Percy
    Engineer = George the Forge, Philip Head, Stump

  4. Mary Cooper

    Name the one on the left Kyzr.

  5. On the advice of counsel, I humbly submit for community approval, that the angel be dubbed “Biff Icarus.”

    You know you want to.

  6. Caroline

    Omg, awesome name ideas! 😀

  7. MB

    Malach for the angel

  8. Biff Icarus is the most excellent thing I’ve heard today 🙂

  9. Tim

    I woulda said Xenon for the welder. (But that may just be because I like xenon arc lamps. (And that’s probably only because I think the X makes it sound cool. (I also like parentheses.)))

  10. Jeff

    I like when prose demands algebraic structure.

  11. …because after the interview, I realized I should have. So, I did!

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