New Year, New Website

The island level from our game.

Whoa ho ho! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED, NEW WEBSITE BABY. With the impending release of Slam Bolt Scrappers we figured it was time to spruce up the old website a bit. Not bad, huh?

Go ahead, poke around a bit and see what’s new. We’ve got a new media page full of videos, screenshots, and artwork. We’ve also got a game page with all sorts of info on Slam Bolt Scrappers that we’ll be updating leading up to release. There’s more info on the Fire Hose development team, and if you’re a big fan then you can go and friend/like us on the facebooks. Oh, and of course now that the site looks so kick ass we’ll have to update on a much more regular basis, how could we not?

What do you think of our new look? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

Big shout out to K. Adam for making our website look so sexy. Thanks dude!