SBS Named “Most Anticipated in 2011” by PSN Stores!

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Everyone at Fire Hose was super excited to come into the office today and see this new article by the good folks at PSN Stores naming Slam Bolt Scrappers one of the most anticipated games of 2011! A big thanks goes out to Eric G and the rest of the crew over there for showing us some love.

While you were all partying it up for New Years, we were hard at work adding even more gaming sweetness to Slam Bolt Scrappers, so this announcement really makes us feel the warm fuzzies. We’ve put in so many new features since we last showed off SBS at PAX Prime 2010, and the time is getting near to start telling gamers about the increased fun-ness (including NINJAS!), so stay tuned and keep on gaming!

Don’t forget to check out PSN Stores for full coverage on all things PSN.

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  1. Cole

    Looks like a pretty sweet game now if only i had a PS3. Still have 360 though!!

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