Ultimate Tournament of Awesomeness

Alright, folks.  Time to find out once and for all: who would win?

Last week at Fire Hose Games, we got into a debate over the age-old question, Vikings vs. Robots (not what you thought, eh?).  We asked our twitter/facebook followers to chime in on the results, and according to the chatter, Robots win.  Then today day we asked Assassins vs. Pirates.  Seems like Assassins are kicking booty. (haha, get it?)

We’ve created a tournament.  32 teams will battle it out.

Click for a readable(ish) larger version!

Click for bigger version.

We’re keeping track on our big board here at FHG.

Here’s how to play.  Every day we’ll pit two teams against one another.  You vote on Facebook.  Simple as that.

The winner of the tournament will have the honor of having the FHG team dress up as them.

And before you start asking all kinds of smart questions like “win at what?” I will preempt you.  It’s up to you– your own interpretation of the question “Who would win?”.