slam bolt scrappers purple laser gun

Basic Block types in SBS

We’ve managed to pack Slam Bolt Scrappers with a ton of cool block types that help players out in different ways.  Some are great for offense, some are great for defense, all make you a better looking person.  With our release fast approaching, it’s time to start explaining what all these blocks do.  What better place to start than with the three blocks that started it all? These are the blocks that I refer to as “the classics”: Red missile blocks, purple laser blocks, and blue shield blocks.  Let the edumacating begin.


Attack baddies, opponents, and blocks (sometimes all at once!) Fire a spread shot that targets multiple things Follow their targets with bleeding edge military grade homing technology

There’s something to be said about raining down destruction on someone with a huge barrage of missiles.  Causing explosions all over your opponent’s tower is bound to strike fear into even the most seasoned scrappers.  While a 2×2 (two blocks high, two blocks wide) can do some damage with a single missile, missile launchers 3×3 and bigger fire …

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Fire Hose at GDC

Next week, a portion of the Fire Hose team will be in San Francisco attending and participating in the Game Developer’s Conference, the largest professional conference for game developers in the world. GDC is the place where game developers gather to share their accumulated knowledge, network, do shady business deals and, of course, party.  And as you know, we at Fire Hose know how to party.

But it’s not all fun and games. The Fire Hose team will be out on the floor, showing off Slam Bolt Scrappers at the Sony Online Entertainment booth to old fans and new fans.  A few of us will also be wandering the show, looking for new friends and connecting with old ones, and hopefully finding a few that will be buy us drinks.

While GDC is targeted toward the professional game developer, it also has a lot to offer students and industry hopefuls as well.  On Friday, GDC offers its Game Career Seminar, a track targeted at students looking to break into the industry.

I will actually be …

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Slam Bolt Scrappers coming to PAX East!

Hey Scrappers, have we got some cool news for you: We’re bringing Slam Bolt Scrappers to PAX East! Now that the conference is once again on our home turf (we originally appeared in the indie showcase last year, so it’s very cool to come full circle and have our own booth), the Fire Hose team will be out in full force telling people all about SBS at our fully customized and super awesome booth, #1133.  So be sure to stop by, say hello, and check out all the never-before-seen gameplay we’ve put in since you last saw the game.  I’ll also be doing personal walkthroughs, so if you really like my walkthrough video, get your requests in now and I’ll walk you through anything and everything about SBS.  Just like the video.  But in person.  SWEET, right?  We’ve got a few other surprises in store for you, so stay tuned for more info as PAX approaches.

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Best Mash-ups OF ALL TIME!! Or at least some of my favorites

One of the first things people talk about after playing Slam Bolt Scrappers is that, above all else, it’s a mash-up of building and brawling.  Players have to fight their opponents while building magnificently destructive towers – the best players I’ve seen make sure to balance their play style among both mechanics, not spending too much time on either single element, but managing to do both at once.  Mash-ups aren’t a new thing, though, and while the game is unique because of the genres it combines, people have been doing mash-ups SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME.

Here are some of my favorite mash-ups:

Transmetropolitan – Gonzo Journalism x Sci-Fi

Transmetropolitan, possibly Warren Ellis’s best known comic, is a crazy mash-up of genres, and to a lesser extent, mediums.  The plot revolves around the Hunter S Thompson clone, Spider Jerusalem, committing wild acts of gonzo journalism in a dystopian megacity sometime in the far future.  Think Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but dirtier, and in the future.  …

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