slam bolt scrappers purple laser gun

Basic Block types in SBS

slam bolt scrappers purple laser gun

We’ve managed to pack Slam Bolt Scrappers with a ton of cool block types that help players out in different ways.  Some are great for offense, some are great for defense, all make you a better looking person.  With our release fast approaching, it’s time to start explaining what all these blocks do.  What better place to start than with the three blocks that started it all? These are the blocks that I refer to as “the classics”: Red missile blocks, purple laser blocks, and blue shield blocks.  Let the edumacating begin.


  • Attack baddies, opponents, and blocks (sometimes all at once!)
  • Fire a spread shot that targets multiple things
  • Follow their targets with bleeding edge military grade homing technology

There’s something to be said about raining down destruction on someone with a huge barrage of missiles.  Causing explosions all over your opponent’s tower is bound to strike fear into even the most seasoned scrappers.  While a 2×2 (two blocks high, two blocks wide) can do some damage with a single missile, missile launchers 3×3 and bigger fire a spread shot of multiple missiles that can home in on different targets.  And unlike most other weapons in SBS, this isn’t limited to the enemy’s tower – missile can hit flying baddies as well (with a tendency to attack anything flying over your tower).  Since these missiles generally seek out multiple targets, they spread out their damage instead of doing a focused attack – good in some situations, but detrimental in others.  If you want to do a powerful focused attack, step on up to our next weapon, the laser gun!


  • Only attack the enemy’s tower
  • Do focused damage to a single weapon or block
  • Great for attacking a single powerful weapon in your enemy’s tower

Purple laser guns are my go to weapon for quickly destroying an opponent.  Instead of wasting time damaging flying baddies and the other players, like missiles, they focus all their energy on a single weapon on in your enemy’s tower.  Since weapons in SBS generally attack other weapons that are the same size or larger, laser guns will almost always focus their attack on your opponent’s most important weapons.  And that’s why it’s my favorite!  I don’t care about your 2×2 missile turret, I want to take out that 5×5 that’s blasting me and my tower – the laser gun is how you get this done.  But what about protection?  Onward!


  • Protect adjacent weapons from enemy attacks
  • Glow blue to show when they are active
  • Cause adjacent weapons to glow blue when they’re protected

Blue shield blocks are crucial to really dominating a match of Slam Bolt Scrappers.  Their placement should be a part of your strategy from the very beginning, so you can continue to expand your fortified base in an effective manner.  Since shield blocks protect any weapons that are touching them, it’s generally best to make the center of your tower a stack of shields – that way, they can protect the weapons you build on both sides of them.  Their protective blue glow doesn’t last forever, though – after taking enough damage, they temporarily deactivate so that they can recharge, leaving your previously shielded weapons open to damaging attacks.