Fire Hose at GDC

GDC 2011 image from Fire Hose Games

Next week, a portion of the Fire Hose team will be in San Francisco attending and participating in the Game Developer’s Conference, the largest professional conference for game developers in the world. GDC is the place where game developers gather to share their accumulated knowledge, network, do shady business deals and, of course, party.  And as you know, we at Fire Hose know how to party.

But it’s not all fun and games. The Fire Hose team will be out on the floor, showing off Slam Bolt Scrappers at the Sony Online Entertainment booth to old fans and new fans.  A few of us will also be wandering the show, looking for new friends and connecting with old ones, and hopefully finding a few that will be buy us drinks.

While GDC is targeted toward the professional game developer, it also has a lot to offer students and industry hopefuls as well.  On Friday, GDC offers its Game Career Seminar, a track targeted at students looking to break into the industry.

I will actually be speaking at the game career seminar at 3:10, in a talk titled “From College to Industry: 20 Lessons for Getting the Most out of Your Early Career.”  The talk is about my own journey, starting as a programmer at a small government contractor, moving into AAA game development, then into game middleware, and finally settling at Fire Hose.  I’ll talk about the things I’ve learned going to GDC for 10 years, such as the importance of networking, and how much you can learn just by listening to people. I’ll also talk about lessons I’ve learned in the industry, like how to match your company to your own career goals.  There is also a reference to killing babies.

So if you’re heading to GDC, come and say hi to us either at the SOE booth, or stop by my talk on Friday to maybe learn a little bit.